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Ortman Brothers restore a wide variety of houses back to their original appearance from early American stone houses to antiquated farmhouses of the 19th century. Each restoration is a blend of homeowners desires with specific attention to correct period detail. Whether creating an entryway, replacing a hand split cedar shake roof, or doing a complete restoration from the stone work on up, the Ortman Brothers are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and the preservation of historic qualities. Modern techniques are applied in the restoration project as well as traditional building methods such as hand planning, mortise and tenon joinery, and hand beading. Ortman Brothers covers all aspects of the restoration project including plumbing and electrical, therefore the home restoration project operates efficiently with the homeowner satisfied with all aspects of the reconstruction.

The Ortman Brothers have restored a variety of stone houses from the 18th and 19th centuries and possess the vision and skills required to complete the house back to its original condition. One such project was an 18th century Dubois stone house located along the Wallkill River in New York. A great deal of the original wood (beams, floorboards, doors, etc.) was salvaged to return this house back to its original condition with respect for Early American period accuracy.


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